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Brittle structures: Faults

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normal fault Normal fault in early Jurassic shales and sandstone, Whitby, Yorkshire, England
thrust fault Thrust fault (mountainside scale). Upper part of mountain is white limestone and dolostone of Triassic age; lower mountainside is Miocene 'flysch' sandstones and shales. Isparta Dag, Lycian Nappes, SW Turkey
thrust fault Thrust fault in cliff exposure of Cambrian Port au Port Group limestone and dolostone. Port au Port Peninsula, SW Newfoundland
thrust fault Thrust duplication of single bed. Pensylvanian Stellarton Formation shales and siderite band, Stellarton, Nova Scotia
duplex Duplex in late Paleozoic Limestone, Crows Nest Pass, southern Canadian Cordillera
fault breccia Fault breccia of Mississippian Windsor Group, Glenkeen, Nova Scotia
solution slickenlines Solution slickenlines on strike-slip fault. Cambro-Ordovician carbonates, Port au Port Peninsula, SW Newfoundland
fibres Mineral fibre slickenlines: Quartz fibres on fault cutting Ordovician-Silurian basalt of Arisaig volcanics, Arisaig Nova Scotia
slickenside Slickenside striations with 'steps' or 'chatter marks'. Pennsylvanian Boss Point Formation. West River, Pictou County Nova Scotia
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