EAS 570 - Advanced Climatology

Course Outline

Assignment Instructions

Assignments (there will be 3):

Ali, Assignment 1

Danielle, Assignment 1

Diego, Assignment 1

Lisong, Assignment 1

Rebeca, Assignment 1

Ujjwal, Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Ali, Assignment 2

Danielle, Assignment 2

Diego, Assignment 2

Lisong, Assignment 2

Rebeca, Assignment 2

Ujjwal, Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Ali, Assignment 3

Danielle, Assignment 3

Diego, Assignment 3

Lisong, Assignment 3

Rebeca, Assignment 3

Ujjwal, Assignment 3

Lecture Notes


Course Info:
Location: ESB 2-11, Wed. 2-4:50 PM

Textbook Info:
There is no required textbook but the following books are of great use:

  • Wallace and Hobbs: Atmospheric Science, An Introductory Review. (radiation, dynamics, energetics of the atmosphere)
  • Peixoto and Oort: Physics of Climate. (radiation, equations of motion, global observations)
  • Holton: An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology. (equations of motion, synoptic weather systems)
  • Gill: Atmosphere-ocean dynamics. (equations of motion, wave motions in atmosphere and ocean)
  • Houghton: The Physics of Atmospheres. (advanced radiative transfer and dynamics)

    Instructor: Dr. Andrew Bush
    Office: CCIS 3-270
    email: andrew.bush@ualberta.ca